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Luca Milazzo


About me

Hi, my name is Luca and I'm a M.Sc. student in Data Science at the University of Milano Bicocca (UNIMIB).

I have always enjoyed the IT world, in fact I've been studying and working in this field since my High School years. Thanks to my bachelor degree in Computer Science (UNIMIB - 2022), I've developed full stack skills and I've discovered my passion for Data Science. The study of data allows me to discover hidden properties of our reality while dealing with various applications such as biology and physics.

During my bachelor degree studies I had worked as a freelancer web developer, certified swimming instructor, lifeguard and high school toutor.

I've been collaborating with the Department of Biotechnology and Bioscience at the University of Milano Bicocca regarding metabolic flux data since the writing of my bachelor thesis. In 2022, we published the article "Best practise in flux sampling of constraint-based models" (see below).

Since 2022, I've been working with REA Aerospace for the development of the EMSi AI system.

My Experience

High School Diploma in Computer Science

I.I.S. Luigi Galvani (MI)

Exit vote: 100/100

Bachelor degree in Computer Science

University of Milano Bicocca (UNIMIB)

Exit vote: 107/110

Thesis: Sampling strategies of metabolic models for the reduction of the False Discovery Rate

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Master of Science in Data Science

University of Milano Bicocca (UNIMIB)
Erasmus programme - Exchange student
August 2023 - Janaury 2024 University of Skovde (Sweden)

My skills

Programming and Devops

I use my programming knowledge to find and create the best solutions

Machine Learning

I love its powers to analyze and solve the problem


I enjoy working in teams

Data Science/Analytics

I love finding hidden properities from the data and coming up with a solution

Expertisse levels

Programming and Devops





AWS and GitHub actions

Sonar Cloud

Net (C, C# etc...)

Back-end (Servlet, Nodejs, PHP etc...)

Front-end (HTML, JS, Jquery etc...)

Data Science and ML

Python, R and Matlab

Data visualization

Data analysis

Statistical methods


Best practise in flux sampling of constraint-based models

Authors: Dr. Bruno Giovanni Galuzzi, Dr. Luca Milazzo, Prof. Chiara Damiani

Date: September 2022

Info: Published at the 8th International Conference on Machine Learning, Data Science and Optimization (LOD2022 - Springer)

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